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Create a better world with us

At Riverlake, we embrace diversity as a source of strength.

Our inclusive approach to problem-solving allows us to think outside the box and come up with unique and creative solutions. We are dedicated to supporting local content and building sustainable partnerships with our customers, driven by our passion for environmental stewardship. Our corporate culture is built upon a foundation of values and goals that have been developed and upheld by our team over time.

These principles guide us as we strive to bring about positive change and attain success.


We care

As a team, our motivation extends beyond just promoting and improving the company and business. We are deeply committed to environmental awareness and adopting a life-like approach.

At the core of our success is our commitment to our employees and their work. We aim to foster a dynamic and supportive work environment that inspires enthusiasm and drive. Our corporate culture, which prioritizes teamwork and mutual respect, has allowed us to create a tight-knit and highly motivated team.

From the moment we first connect, you will be welcomed as a valued member of our team. We believe in fostering a sense of community and care deeply for all of our employees. Our objective is to make sure that you feel valued and supported, and that we can work collaboratively towards a shared vision of success.

Our Values

We are one team.

Riverlake has a long history and since its inception a flat management style. When we ask our employees what they feel about Riverlake, they think of flexibility, openness, understanding, adaptability and integrity.

Each of us is an ambassador of the company. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency that have always made our reputation. We are respectful, trustworthy, and keep a fair and irreproachable behaviour.

Dedicated to our customers, we want to develop & create new fields of activity, all of which oriented towards the maritime industry.

Riverlake is cosmopolitan and has a multicultural entrepreneurship with a broad range of languages and nationalities. Compassion and empathy are very much a part of the company’s culture. Everyone is heard and every voice is respected.

You do not work for Riverlake, you work with Riverlake.

We are experts in shipbroking and shipping, we are experts in building tank storage terminal onshore or offshore, as green as it gets. We understand the vital need to master our business. Leaving no room for improvisation we are meticulous in managing the risks inherent to our activity, to the best of our ability.

Riverlake employees all have the freedom to develop the business for which they are responsible. Management is broad and supportive, not interventionist.

Because we care about you, we do everything to support your career and professional development. We want YOU to progress, we would like YOU to take on more responsibility. We empower people to take initiative and create leads. Success and the future of the people we work with matter greatly to us.

The passion and ambition are shared by the team. And shared with our customers.

We are attached to the sea and our environmental commitment is strong. It is about making a successful transition from the conventional use of hydrocarbons alone to environmentally friendly forms of energy transport and storage.

We see the necessity of converting to more sustainable sources of energy like hydro, solar and wind power.  We see the need to transition to other sources of energy, such as hydro, solar and wind power. We are committed through our sustainable product business lines and green tankterminals.

Highly involved in the transportation of renewable, organic and bio-based products, such as used cooking oil, other waste products, vegetable oils and waste, we are the leading European Inland transportation company and the number one company in renewable inland shipping.

Riverlake engineers & project managers are actively and concretely promoting a business line focused on green tank terminals. We know how difficult but also easy it can be to reduce the environmental impact of a tank terminal. We hope that we can convince and assist you in achieving our goal: the Green Tank Terminal.

Shaping the future. That’s what Riverlake aims at achieving.

Riverlake is a pioneer in many respects. Our people reinvent the way of working, create new business lines, bring digitalization. We challenge what already exists.

We are: the first company to specialise in barges, the first to focus on transporting renewable products such as used cooking oil, biodiesel, etc., the first to set up an Africa desk, the first brokers to carry out high-ice transport, the first to focus on developing green terminals.

We don’t shy away from rethinking what we do, we are a close-knit team that seeks to innovate and create forward-looking projects.

We are investing in the digital transformation, but not to remove people. In fact, never since we started to get into artificial intelligence, have we had so many people developing this activity. We have established strong and efficient links with the academic community and have close R&D collaborations with leading universities.

Bring forward your ideas. Innovation inspires Riverlake.