our well-being
at work


The close relationships Riverlake’s teams build with each other and their customers is the essence of RIV&YOU.

Strongs We are a team of experts, united by a passion for our work. With a potent identity, we take pride in our representation and the driving spirit that unites us all.

Together we are stronger and better. Riverlake’s most valuable resource is its diligent workforce, who consistently drive the company forward in a positive direction while upholding our core values.


Why we need you

Joining us will make you a key player, whether you are already an experienced individual or not. We are a market-leading company that has embraced the energy transition, gradually moving away from fossil fuels alone. A number of our clients are engaged in renewable energies, aimed at an environmentally friendly business world.

Riverlake’s shipping business is built upon the broking of vessels of all sizes in dry and wet markets, handling large deep water volumes, specialized product cargoes, as well as inland waterways and offshore marine activities. In 2019, our renewable business constituted 30% of the total inland shipping activity, which rose to 52% in 2020, and presently remains between 60 and 70%.

At the forefront of large, environmentally friendly storage terminal projects, we build facilities in the most efficient way. Our project management team assists our business partners in drawing up business plans, developing the concept through FEED (Front End Engineering and Design), establishing Capex/Opex, implementing tender processes, and more. This is the Solutions side of Riverlake.

We offer our customers the knowledge they are looking for, and you can be part of it.


Well-being at work

All our offices are centrally located, easily accessible by public transport and have natural light. We have a minimalist, high-quality, well-maintained design. Over the years we have constantly invested in the conception, renovation and maintenance of the space. Experience the attractiveness of Riverlake.

There are no single offices for anyone at Riverlake, other than the meeting rooms, and the managers are with all the employees without distinction, regardless of location.

We make sure that everyone in the company is healthy. We follow a thoughtful approach to work, whereby the organisation but also the flexibility of working hours and the corporate culture strengthens the resources of everyone. Ongoing and free discussions between staff and management, without necessarily a formal appointment process, help to identify risks and ensure that there is no imbalance that could be detrimental to health and motivation.


Home office

At our company, we value your preferences and understand the importance of work-life balance.

If you wish to work part of the week from home, we are more than willing to consider this option. The choice is entirely yours, as some of our employees prefer a regular office presence while others enjoy the flexibility of working from home. You can decide based on our organizational framework, requirements, and rules.

If you live in a country where we are not established, we may not require you to be based at the company’s headquarters at all or any other physical office.

To ensure your productivity and comfort while working remotely, we take care of providing a well-equipped and comfortable home working environment. You can count on us for a great quality remote connection and high-performance equipment, including laptops and other devices, to support your work efficiently.


Riv&You and our Customers

Through our Riv&You concept, we foster trust with a mindset grounded in business knowledge, mutual respect, and integrity.

Our common purpose is to work in each other’s interests, resulting in the best deals with the best teams. Central to our ethos is the unyielding commitment to uphold integrity in all aspects of our interactions. We firmly believe that transparent and principled conduct is the bedrock of sustainable and fruitful collaborations.

With this strong foundation, we embark on a journey of collective growth and success. Through such robust collaboration and trust-building, we solidify our position as a dynamic force within the business landscape.


We care

Our motivation extends beyond just promoting and improving the company and business. We have adopted a life-like approach, paying attention to a fair balance between private and professional realms.

At the core of our success is our commitment to our employees and their work. We aim to foster a dynamic and supportive work environment that inspires enthusiasm and drive. Our way of working together prioritizing teamwork and mutual respect allows us to create a tight-knit and highly motivated team.

From the moment we first connect together, you will be welcomed as a valued member of our team. We believe in fostering a sense of community, our objective is to make sure that you feel valued and supported, and that we can work collaboratively towards a shared vision of success.

If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship and want to join us on this journey, please reach out or share a short summary of your ideas.