Intimately linked to the maritime activity


We are 100% customer focused.

Riverlake’s offices in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Nigeria, the UK and Oman are managed by national employees with a thorough knowledge of local legislation and practices.

We are established in key hubs inextricably connected to the maritime business. We are positioned where the knowledge and expertise can be found and located close to our clients. We are never afraid to move to where the business is. This also means that Riverlake has an opportunistic and very reactive approach to developing its business. Our size gives us a lot of flexibility and decisions can be made very quickly. This is the way to be 100% customer focused, creating together real, long-term, secure, and sustainable value. This is how we and our customers co-create.

We love proactivity, new and exciting ideas that challenge what we do. We want to constantly evolve and listen to new methods that you can bring to the table and that allow us to improve.

If you have an idea for growth and think it might be of interest to us, please contact us by email