Our strength lies in the talent of our workforce

Careers & People

We care for employment. The essence of a business is not just about generating revenue. Focusing on short-term gains is simply not the solution or the answer. Only with enthusiastic people, a healthy environment and healthy finances can we succeed in business.

Riverlake has a long-term philosophy, not solely driven by shareholder returns. We are colleagues who believe in a philosophy of life, who are concerned about the environment and who want to build, develop and create rather than short term gains. We aim to devote careful consideration and importance to all those who believe and invest in the team.

We have strong economic ties to the sea and a strong environmental commitment. We are implementing an effective transition from the traditional use of hydrocarbon fuels alone to more environmentally friendly fuels and other cleaner forms of transport and energy storage. We have embarked on this shift through our sustainable products business lines and our so-called green tank terminals. All this is increasingly becoming the focus of our efforts.

If you believe in and are inspired by this corporate vision, and if you consider that you have a good understanding of the fields in which Riverlake operates, then please contact us.