We support Mercy ships

Mercy ships

The Shipping & Trading community raise funds every year used to support Mercy Ships, a NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. This event has at the end of 2019 raised more than $3m since it was launched: $314,000 in 2016; $673,000 in 2017; $860,000 in 2018 and $1,3m in 2019.

We call it the Cargo Day: once a year, the referral date on which the contracts are supposed to be made.

The functioning is very simple; for every transport we or a member undertake, we donate half of the income received by our / the member company. If you are a charterer, a shipowner, an agent etc, contact us or a member. You can pledge any amount, make any donation as well. Our brokers, as soon as the big day is approaching, on the day itself and for the next several weeks, work hard to persuade our clients to trade with us so that we can pay back half of our revenues to Mercy ships.

The Steering Committee is composed of Augusta, BRS, Clarksons, Clearlake, Litasco, Nyala, Ocean, Riverlake, Sahara, Trafigura, Total, and UML