Board of directors


Marc Poyet
President of the Board and CFO

Marc attended HEC in Lausanne.

He joined Riverlake in 2009 as CFO.

Prior to Riverlake Marc worked for a leading ship manager, Acomarit (now V-Ships) and for ABC Maritime up to the position of CFO.

Marc became a Riverlake Group shareholder in 2013.

Marc is married and has two children.

Marc Lecoanet
Member of the Board and CEO

He graduated from ACI University in Paris after his baccalaureate.

He started his shipping career in 1980 with Worms group in Paris.

Marc joined Davies and Newman, a Worms group subsidiary in 1982 to become shipbroker.

He then created Riverlake in 1985 in Geneva, together with François Petit and he has built up his experience on spot and term freight markets.

He was appointed CEO in 2003 and has since then, together with the management team, been responsible for driving the development and progression of Riverlake from a conventional shipbroking company into a multi faceted shipping services provider.

Marc is married and has two children.

François Can
Member of the Board

Francois started his shipbroker's career in 1984 with Asmarine in Paris.

In 1988, he joined Segal in Paris where he created a tanker department.

In 1995, he moved to Cargo Maritime to develop the small tanker department, in 1996 he became a shareholder .

Francois joined Riverlake group in 2007.

In 2011, with the support of the group, he handled the creation of Riverlake Barging in Rotterdam and became a shareholder of Riverlake Barging.

He focuses on the small tanker and S&P activity of Riverlake shipping and the development of Barging.

Francois became a Riverlake Group shareholder in 2014.

Francois is married and has two children.

François Petit
Member of the Board

François Petit studied at IDRAC in Paris.

His passion for shipping was instilled by his father, Henri Petit, President of the SFTP (Société Française des Transport Pétroliers).

His shipbroker career started in 1975 with Socomet Auvray in Paris.

In 1976, he joined Barry Roggliano in Paris .

In 1978, he moved to London to work for Cambridge Tankers.

In 1981, C.D. Mallory & Co hired François for their office in New-York.

Back to Paris end of 1981, François expanded his experience of ship brokerage with Davies and Newman.

In 1985, together with Marc Lecoanet, François founded Riverlake in Geneva. His vast experience and long track record in competitive ship brokerage over 30 years was an enormous asset for the Riverlake Group.

As from August 2010, Francois decided to focus on other activities and leave the shipbroker community. He however remains a Shareholder and a Member of the Board of the RLS Group.

François is married, has 4 children, out of whom his eldest son works for RLS.