Riverlake Middle East


In 2015 the Riverlake Group opened an office in the Middle East which was a decision driven by regional industrial growth.

Riverlake Middle East specialises in the management of industrial projects and logistical services within the maritime industry. With the support of Riverlake in Europe, we primarily provide solutions and services to:

  • Oil Terminals providing a full range of project management services.
  • Offshore Terminals where we assist with project development of FSO (Floating, Storage and Offloading,) off-shore SPM (Single Point Mooring,) and CBM (Conventional Buoy Mooring.)
  • Maritime Operations by assisting with the set up and/or operations of maritime assets.

Riverlake’s Middle East team of professionals utilise the latest technology and design standards to deliver state-of-the-art products tailor made to fit our client’s requirements. Our successful high quality solutions derive from a combination of operational experience and strong innovative engineering.