Riverlake Solutions


Riverlake Solutions has the capabilities and experience to assist with the development of offshore SPM systems (Single Point Mooring systems) including pipeline and PLEM and/or FSO units (Floating Storage Offloading units).

We can assist with the set up and/or operations of maritime assets from tugs to crew boats, from line handlers to anchor handling supply. Its substantial track record of offshore work boats contracts in various parts of the world makes Riverlake Solutions a reference in the industry.

Our expertise, combined with the group network, enables us to offer our clients out of the box solutions tailored to their needs.

Riverlake Solutions has a long proven track record of successful projects worldwide servicing energy companies, local authorities and contractors globally.

We offer our customers efficient and cost effective solutions by managing low overhead and smart purchases. From conception, tender preparation to final commissioning and operational start ups, our team of experienced industry professionals will be closely supervising every phase of the project.