Our drivers


Our mission

The Riverlake group is a multi-faceted logistic services provider that is a one stop shop for all our clients’ shipping requirements.

The Group staff and affiliates have the commitment to assist our clients in achieving their objectives within a special relationship based on confidence and long term collaboration. We have been providing quality logistic services for 30 years and our aim is to offer our clients excellent services and tools that offer the competitive advantages that are needed to thrive in today’s market.

Market knowledge: setting the course for performance

Since 1985 we have succeeded in establishing a sound global network of agents and correspondents.

Our intention is to provide our clients with all the tools that will enable them to be more competitive. For this purpose, we are equipped with the most up-to-the-minute and sophisticated technology.

Our values

We set considerable emphasis on values such as integrity, responsibility and reliability.

Riverlake group is an equal opportunity employer, our staff is our biggest asset. Maintaining a happy and productive environment is of key importance to us. Besides our shipping activities we are concerned about social responsibility.

We decided several years ago to make efforts in supporting various foundations. We simply think that it is our social responsibility to assist people in need. Over the last year we have opted not to spend money arranging the traditional Christmas presents to our clients, nor sending cards. Instead we spend the money assisting different foundations.