Riverlake European Tanker Index

The Riverlake european Tanker Index (ReTI) is a composite index. The index portfolio is the accumulation of all key European oil tanker shipping routes for crude oil, dirty petroleum products and clean products transportation. The worldscale value of each route is the only consideration when calculating the value of the index.

Individual route indices are essential for shipbrokers but are not representative of the whole European market. The ReTI offers ship owners, brokers and financial institutions a clear understanding of European oil tanker market movements in a single figure.

All main European tanker movements are represented in the ReTI, with 6 crude oil tanker routes, 6 clean petroleum products tanker routes and 5 dirty petroleum tanker routes. The oil tanker stems represented are between 6'000 MT to 135'000 MT. It covers all regions in Europe including the North Sea, Baltic Sea, UKContinent, Mediterranean and Black Sea.