We do collaborate and have a direct access to major dry bulk companies, large traders, major owners, as well as small entities and pool operators.

Riverlake covers all aspects of the dry market, from coastal markets to mini-capes.

As dry cargo brokers, we are aware of the impact of our business on the environment and we strive to help owners and charterers mitigate their impact. To do so, we do not hesitate to advise owners to slow down the vessel’s speed so to reduce fuel consumption and consequently reduce emissions. We analyse the best options available to charterers and shipowners for the transport of goods.

Riverlake has been heavily involved in the transportation of wind turbines and participates in the supply of farm products to various countries. We regularly deliver agricultural equipment needed for the production of wheat and other grains.

Our business in the dry goods sector is essentially operated out of our offices in London, which is the world’s leading maritime centre, but we also service clients via all of our offices Geneva and Lagos having good access to local clients and being able to understand their own local problems.