Sustainable Fuels

Riverlake plays a key role in sustainable sources of energy to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. Our ‘fossil’ experience enables us to develop and design facilities for the production, storage and distribution of sustainable fuels. In common with many other companies, we are transitioning from a fossil fuel world to a sustainable world. Increasingly, our services are focused on sustainable fuels.

Hydrogen and E-fuels

Hydrogen and E-fuels The future of hydrogen and hydrogen-derived fuels for the industry, but also in transport sector as green marine fuel for vessels, such as e-methanol and green ammonia is something we strongly believe in. Our experience in liquid bulk logistics means we can help our customers develop infrastructure for the production, storage and transportation of e-methanol, green ammonia, hydrogen and other hydrogen-based green fuels that will become available in the future.


Bio-diesel, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Ethanol and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) are all examples of bio-fuels. They are produced from renewable, biological feedstocks reducing the fuel’s carbon footprint. We assist clients with the refurbishment or new construction of storage and distribution infrastructure to accommodate bio-fuels.

Green Tank Terminal

The construction and operation of a tank terminal that stores sustainable fuels have to be of course also sustainable. This ranges from the introduction of solar-powered construction equipment to the reduction of daily fuel vapour emissions from the facility. The ecological footprint of a tank terminal must be minimalized. Not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but also by minimising air, water and soil pollution.

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