Renewables facilities

Riverlake plays a key role in renewable source of energy to reduce CO2 emissions from the existing coal-fired power plants by co-combustion and green heat production.


Riverlake supports its customers in setting up facilities for the manufacture of biomass pellets, from the initial design stage to the subsequent successful production of the first pellets.

We strive to help our customers build an environmentally friendly facility, based on the transformation of wood pellet manufacturing waste. Doing so ensures that the impact on the natural surroundings is as minor as possible.

Solar Energy

Through the combination of the best sites and technologies to produce the most efficient solar energy solutions for its customers, Riverlake, as project developer, creates a vital link in the chain between engineering, procurement and construction. As such, we are committed to helping you develop your solar energy project with respect to design, financial models (CAPEX and OPEX), tendering, installation, and operation and maintenance. We can be your partner throughout your solar energy project from the very first day.

Wind energy

Leveraging our broad offshore and offshore engineering background, as well as our track record in the operation and maintenance of offshore terminals and vessels, Riverlake can work with you in developing your offshore wind energy ventures in the following areas:

  • Offshore wind farm design
  • Financial models including CAPEX and OPEX calculations
  • Bidding and negotiations
  • Installing an offshore wind farm
  • Operation and maintenance