Customers Relation

Safety and compliance aspects are the drivers of our business.

Our understanding of our clients’ businesses ranges from minerals to renewable energy. Together, we work considering safety and compliance aspects as the drivers of our business. While the world of dry materials such as cereals and wind turbines for instance has a relatively limited impact in the event of accidents, we cannot overlook the potential risk to people and the environment from the transport or the storage of oil products. This is why regulations, the strict respect by charterers, ship owners, storage operators and builders, companies such as Riverlake, and the many initiatives related to identifying the dangers of the activity are closely monitored.

We are part of panels of prominent charterers together with a large group of trustable and identified owners. By this we mean strengthening the verification of counterparts by clearly identifying the actors in the ship chartering chain. Being compliant does not only mean being identifiable. It is about working with ship owners and charterers where the checks they are subject to are carried out beyond the standard of a conventional identification. Solvency, who is who, and the analysis of the company’s corporate environment are key themes in the way we operate.