Mercy Ships


$3 million since launched. At the end of 2019 more than $3m was raised: $314,000 in 2016; $673,000 in 2017; $860,000 in 2018 and $1,3m in 2019.

The Shipping & Trading community raise funds to support Mercy Ships, a NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.
We call it the Cargo Day: once a year, the referral date on which the contracts are supposed to be made.The functioning is very simple; for every transport Riverlake undertakes, we donate to Mercyships half of the income received by our company. If you are a charterer, a shipowner, an agent etc, contact us. You can also pledge any amount, make any donations. Riverlake brokers, as soon as the big day approaches, on the very same day, and a few of the following days endeavour to persuade clients to trade with us so that half of the revenue generated goes to Mercyships.

This annual event, which has raised around $3 million since it began in 2016, is ongoing until the end of the year. Call us !

The Cargo day Steering Committee is composed of of Riverlake, BRS, Clarksons, Ocean, Total, Nyala, Litasco, Augusta, Sahara, Clearlake, Socar and Trafigura.