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Did you know that Riverlake releases a number of freight market indicators daily? But not only.

In addition to all its offerings, Riverlake proudly serves as the primary shipping market data provider for industry giants Reuters® and Bloomberg®.

We take pride in providing real-time monitoring of market developments, allowing us to pinpoint trends and shifts in the shipping world as they happen. Our secret sauce lies in our exclusive proprietary indices for Tankers and Barges like RTI®, ReTI®, RBI®, and more.

You will explore the world of tankers like never before with the Riverlake Weekly Tanker Outlook, where you’ll find in-depth analysis and expert commentary that unravels the complexities of the tanker markets.

But that’s not all! You will dive into the dynamics of the barging market with our Riverlake Monthly Barge Outlook, the most comprehensive and authoritative daily Barging publication.

You will experience insightful and punchy analyses, keeping you informed.

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