We work hard to reduce climate damages.

Riverlake was founded in 1985 as a shipping expert for the oil and gas industry. Over more than three decades we have developed our business from a traditional shipping brokerage company to a multi-faceted marine logistics provider.

A major milestone was the development in energy storage. Now we have initiated a move towards renewable energy sources business development in parallel with very significant results. In doing so, we strive to reduce climate damage by designing terminals using renewable energy sources and using the latest technologies to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While it is essential to move towards greener terminals, the same applies to ships. Riverlake therefore fully supports the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) call for companies to invest in the development of alternative energies and sustainable technologies.

Riverlake actively participates in workshops aimed at optimising the operation of vessels over time and reducing CO2 emissions in both the mooring zone and the harbour. The sessions with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are directly linked to the “Just in Time” concept. This harmonisation is a prerequisite to enable the arrival of just-in-time ships, and therefore the reduction of CO2 emissions.

For Riverlake, minimising the industry’s environmental footprint is paramount. Together with our customers, we strive to participate in the development of environmentally friendly activities. Riverlake ensures that the long-term commitment required to improve the environment is guaranteed by continuous environmental management.

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