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Riverlake’s core business is strategically focused on three axes. We are a leading provider of maritime Brokerage services and we are experts in developing Storage terminals for oil and gas and renewable products, including associated infrastructure such as jetties and single-point mooring systems. We are at the forefront of services associated to the industry, all of which are regrouped under our Intelligence unit.

Our business is driven by the company philosophy intimately linked to sustainability. We are dedicated to making our customers’ business greater and more sustainable. It is our responsibility towards making the planet a better place by adding value to make the energy transition process across the world more efficient.

Together with our customers, we move forward by re-evaluating an already existing state of affairs, by rethinking processes, ways of doing things and ways of thinking. We constantly shake up habits in order to be continuously alert, open to new initiatives, pushing ourselves and our clients on paths that are often little or not explored. We co-create through reinventing with our clients.

Shipping and storage are shaping economic growth and development. Terminals, like ships, play a key role in allocating cargo from its source to the end user. They are not large energy consumers unlike other heavy industries. Minimising exhaust from energy sources, however, can be achieved by lowering consumption and switching to eco-friendly energy sources. Reducing the environmental footprint of a storage terminal typically requires long-term investments. The long-term commitment needed to improve the environment is only guaranteed through sustained environmental management.

With our clients, we envision the need to convert to carbon-free energy sources such as hydro, solar and wind power. Ever since the industrial revolution, our economy relied on fossil fuels. It is part of our mission together with our customers to inflect this and the shipping industry needs to move towards a zero-carbon activity. To this end, we have considerably increased our efforts in recent years, but also obviously adapt in response to the evolution and change of the markets. We have invested in our organisation to support the growth of biofuels. We work with our clients in carrying oil cargoes including renewables, organic and bio products, such as Used Cooking Oils, Vegetable Oils, Tallow, other Wastes and Fame or FOSFA (Federation of oil, Seeds & Fats Association Ltd) cargoes. This currently account for more than 70% of our activity in the field of inland transport and over the years it has become a significant share of our tanker business as wellAlso within our terminal business, we are closely involved with our customers in the development of storage facilities for renewable products, particularly in Europe.

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