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Research & Consulting

We want to constantly strive to do better than we have done to date. We are continually seeking to reinvent the way we work. This is a motus operandi that is ingrained in our bodies and we constantly want to strive for unsuspected and unprecedented quality objectives. We want to produce publications and studies that are second to none. We are very engaged in the digital world, notably via our investments in Artificial Intelligence and new technologies.


Accurate and detailed

In partnership with our clients, we conduct accurate and detailed market research, feasibility and development studies. We issue analysis and reports such as bankable reports. The in-house knowledge of the people involved allows us to deliver and simply perform. Riverlake conducts its research according to the core values of integrity, accuracy and reliability.

As experts in highly complex legal matters, we work for large groups, large law firms, and have decades of combined knowledge. Collaborations are constantly sought and in no way do we think we can succeed alone. Partnerships are the answer to most of the exciting challenges we can meet. We have entered into major research agreements and partnerships with leading universities in the countries where we are established and are looking for the bright minds that will enable us to move forward together in gathering data for example and using the most up-to-date technologies. Our academic partnerships allow us to use the latest digital productions.


Cross synergies

Our task force is regularly deployed to draw up precise business plans and studies as in the case of a client setting up a new line of activity or expanding into a new market. We have an unrivalled track record in the research thematic area. Using Riverlake’s cross synergies, together with a number of local offices in different countries, enables us to produce accurate market research and identify business opportunities.

Periodically, we conduct single-purpose market research. We produce tailor-made studies associated to our industry, provide advice to our clients and tell them if their project is realistic and credible.

As a general rule, these are tailor-made studies that will enable our clients to develop in a completely new market or to establish themselves in a new region. We use our proprietary and proven methodology, which has been tested on many occasions. Very often a customer will provide us with a repeat assignment, which we consider to be proof of the quality of the work provided by Riverlake’s teams of professionals. Several existing business models have been created by Riverlake. Some firms in the marketplace are up and running because together with the client we have determined all of the parameters for a healthy and thriving business.

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Market intelligence

Pooling our multidisciplinary expertise

Whether you are in the oil, gas, dry bulk, container, offshore, tug or terminal and storage markets, or whether you are a port operator, bank or hedge fund, real-time intelligence on global trade flows gives you access to the information you need to make better informed, fact-based decisions. This is what we enable you to do.

Do you know that Riverlake releases a number of market indices daily. Our research staff ensure that you can always access the latest information concerning the market trends. Go to Indexes & Benchmarks

Training & Development

Our workshops are designed to meet our customers’ needs.

A broad range of competencies and skills are essential to the success of marine business operators.Together with our customers, we want to achieve a level of competence and training of the highest quality. Together, we offer courses, seminars and workshops that combine theoretical and practical instruction.

Simple and practical approach

Our customers are in the energy sector in general and the finance and insurance industry as well. Among our clients are government bodies such as ministries of transport, sea, mining, energy and infrastructure. Taking the appropriate decision with regard to vessel and chartering agreements has a significant effect on the business economics. Together we explore key issues affecting the industry ranging from vessel selection, vessel type, freight costs, fixing procedures, chartering strategy. This cannot be separated from environmental protection, liabilities, contracts, regulations, demurrage and documentation concerns.

The development of a prospective project such a terminal or a jetty construction is often an on-going, lengthy process. Significant slippage from original plans and significant cost overruns over optimistic projections are frequently reasons for frustration and tough decisions. Through a simple and practical approach, together with our customers, we will study a structured method for realistic planning and budgeting. Methodology, phases and disciplines will be explored.

We do offer tailor-made training solutions should our traditional courses not meet our customers’ current needs, and conduct courses at a variety of universities and advanced schools of management, within the framework of bachelor and master’s degrees in Shipping & Trading.

Financial advisory

Strategic objectives

Our clients are guided in their financial strategies. We help them, if requested, to structure their finances and to identify the people who will be in charge. In many cases we ensure that they have the necessary skills and training. This does not mean that they systematically come from large universities, we favour people from various backgrounds, but we make sure that they assume transparent, competent and ethical administration.

Riverlake implements strategic objectives such as financing and refinancing of portfolios. Some of our clients are financing partners who are exposed to operational risks, insolvency administrators dealing with maritime assets from insolvent companies or investors focusing on distressed maritime assets.

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