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Training & Development

A broad range of competencies and skills are essential to the success of marine business operators. Together with our customers, we want to achieve a level of competence and training of the highest quality. Together, we offer courses, seminars and workshops that combine theoretical and practical instruction.

Simple and practical approach

Our customers are in the energy sector in general and the finance and insurance industry as well. Among our clients are government bodies such as ministries of transport, sea, mining, energy and infrastructure. Taking the appropriate decision with regard to vessel and chartering agreements has a significant effect on the business economics. Together we explore key issues affecting the industry ranging from vessel selection, vessel type, freight costs, fixing procedures, chartering strategy. This cannot be separated from environmental protection, liabilities, contracts, regulations, demurrage and documentation concerns.

The development of a prospective project such a terminal or a jetty construction is often an on-going, lengthy process. Significant slippage from original plans and significant cost overruns over optimistic projections are frequently reasons for frustration and tough decisions. Through a simple and practical approach, together with our customers, we will study a structured method for realistic planning and budgeting. Methodology, phases and disciplines will be explored.

Continuous in-house maritime training is part of our DNA. But not only that. We do offer tailor-made training solutions should our traditional courses not meet our customers’ current needs and conduct courses at a variety of universities and advanced schools of management, within the framework of bachelor and master’s degrees in Shipping & Trading.

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