A genuinely autonomous SPM corporation

Riverlake is one of the very few truly independent companies, alongside Single Point Mooring (SPM) construction contractors, with experience in SPM and Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) systems.

Accustomed to working in ports

Many of the terminal operators are accustomed to working in ports. Vessels are moored on piers in a safe harbour, well sheltered from wind, waves and currents. But this is not the only way to load or unload merchant ships. Single Point Mooring Systems (SPM) or Conventional Buoy Mooring Systems (CBM) are used around the world to ease the loading and unloading of even the largest tankers. They are connected to the terminal by subsea pipelines, sometimes a few kilometres long. That may sound straightforward, in fact it is certainly by no means the case. What are the requirements at the planned site? Will it be sheltered? What are the meteorological and sea conditions? Is an SPM or CBM system required? How costly is it? Not only is the cost of installation, generally cheaper than building a new pier or harbour, it is also the cost of operation.

Numerous engineers

Riverlake successfully supported, and is currently assisting, numerous clients with consulting services to enable them to develop, design, acquire, operate and maintain a suitable tanker mooring system. Riverlake designs the concept, handles the engineering and naval studies, bids for construction as well as procurement and delivery, and can set up operations by providing the required tug, smaller workboat and diving crew.

Numerous Riverlake engineers have been involved in the SPM field as suppliers or operators during the course of their professional careers. There are only very few engineering companies or consultants who can offer hands-on SPM experience. Thus, there is a great deal we can do to help you and avoid unnecessary and high additional costs when dealing with a supplier. We have the experience to ensure that we can match your negotiating position with the ultimate solution that fits your individual needs.

Numerous SPM/CBM’s are the result of our involvement. A very consistent and extensive track record exists, which you can view here.

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