Cutting-edge technology

Vital role in energy market

A tanker jetty is a critical component of the infrastructure for transporting liquid bulk materials, including oil, petroleum and renewable products.

These structures facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of these products from ships to onshore storage facilities and back. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, jetties prevent spills and leaks while providing docks or platforms, loading arms, hoses, and pipelines that connect to storage tanks. The tanks serve as a temporary holding place for the products until they are further processed at refineries or distributed to customers.

Tanker jetties play a vital role in the global energy market as they handle a significant portion of the world’s fuel supply. These structures are usually located in major ports with ample water depth and are linked to distribution networks. They must adhere to strict international regulations and safety standards.

The design of a jetty varies based on factors such as the size of oil tankers, water depth, and weather conditions in the area.


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