Embarking on an energy transition across the company


At Riverlake, sustainability is at the forefront of our business model.

It offers us a wide range of opportunities for growth. As a leading player in the renewable commodity sector, we are committed to pushing the boundaries in the transportation of FAME, FosFa, Ethanol, UCO, Tallow, RME, HVO and more.

Our proficiency in renewable energy is strong and consistent with our traditional broking activities. In recent years, we have become one of the leading European providers of specialized cargoes in deep sea waters but also inland water chartering services. We have invested a substantial part of our human resources to achieve this position and we keep growing. We are proud to have the trust of the biggest players in the industry worldwide.

Inland waterway shipping is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to road and rail transportation. It offers a significant reduction in energy consumption and noise emissions, and it helps alleviate congestion on overburdened road infrastructures in densely populated areas.

Our Riverlake Project Management division has a specific focus on Green Tank Terminals where we design and build storage facilities and jetties that are environmentally friendly. We are constantly innovating our processes and technologies to contribute to a better and healthier world. See our media section where we explain how we do.

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