Development & Opportunities

Embarking on an energetic transition across the company

Our involvement in sustainable development gives the company and all its members the opportunity to create a multitude of development opportunities in the short, medium and long term. The shareholders and corporate management have the strategic vision necessary to initiate an energetic transition throughout the company.

Our market position enables us to be a leader in the field of transport of renewable materials. With the transportation of used cooking oil, Fame, vegetable oils, FosFa (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association Ltd), ethanol and renewable HVO diesel, Riverlake continues to set the standard.

Our goal is to move forward and expand our renewable energy business as it relates to our brokerage line of business. This also applies to Riverlake’s other line of business, project management, which is increasingly focused on green tank terminals. The storage facilities and jetties we build must be environmentally friendly. Similarly, with our third business unit, Intelligence, we are expanding our digital and data footprint. We see digital as a key element to support the teams in place in their daily operations, but also to support our forecasts.