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CO2 emission reduction is to be at the heart of our projects.

With a growing number of charterers, owners, shipyards and authorities, we are determined to create a better future.

Together with our customers and counterparts, we have the mission to play an active role right now in the new hybrid technology, beyond the news regulations to come. This is a path we are taking to ensure an effective and real ecological transition.

We are directly involved in new deep-sea shipbuilding projects with Electric + LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and Electric + Bio technologies. Along with the shipyards, an innovative perspective is being brought to bear: aiming, by means of this concept, to achieve zero CO2 emissions in ports by 2023/2024.

With regard to inland navigation new building projects, we contribute to a brighter and healthier future with new vessel equipped with the latest-engine generation (Stage V) that will reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, in a manner similar to what we do in the deep-water segment, we are concentrating our energies on the hybrid barges which are sustainable. The result of concerns about the environmental impact of existing traffic systems is clearly reflected in the way in which means of transport are designed for the years to come.

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