We help our clients
with their sale and purchase projects.

Sale & Purchase

With a growing number of charterers, owners, shipyards and authorities, we are determined to create a better future and this starts with the way we do transactions.

We help our clients with their sale and purchase projects by guiding them towards the most suitable assets and the right buyers or sellers. We have an outstanding database of all trades that is available to our customers. Our regular sale and purchase activities and information gathering allow our shipbrokers to know where the market is going.

At Riverlake, we recognize that financial planning is crucial for success. We collaborate closely with clients to devise personalized plans that fulfil their specific objectives. Our team of specialists offers unwavering guidance and support throughout the process.

Part to financial planning, we conduct amortization analysis to weigh the pros and cons of investments and acquisitions. This approach enables clients to make informed decisions that are consistent with their financial goals by taking into account both potential benefits and risks.

Our team assists you in making informed decisions that enable you to achieve your financial objectives, whether you aim to invest, acquire, or sell.

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