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Time Charter & Projects

Chartering a vessel under a time charter agreement can provide charterers with increased flexibility.

In today’s volatile market, we work with our customers to ensure that fixed volumes are transported securely, ensuring that port-to-port routes are always served. We engage in discussions with charterers and shipowners who want to establish a position in the freight markets to hedge their returns.

Some geographical areas may also suffer from a lack of vessels accessibility or capacity. The complexity of some trades may require the securing of time-chartered vessels. Furthermore, in the case of large volumes, not controlling your transportation can pose significant difficulties and leave you at the mercy of competition or struggling to find ships or worse, having to pay extremely high transportation costs when freight rates are high.

As shipbrokers, we have in-depth knowledge of niche markets and a significant number of contracts related to distribution. Our expertise of onshore distribution networks, particularly in a large number of islands, ensures our clients secure their supply and transport optimally in terms of price, position and quality to maximise returns.

We have repeatedly set up logistic structures which include a time-chartered fleet. We help companies that are unfamiliar with ship chartering to get the knowledge to control their shipping.

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