We do business across the five Continents

Deep Sea Tankers

We have a history of shipping operations conducted in high seas, and in fact that was the origin of Riverlake. We handle all types of liquid commodities and our positioning in the crude and refined products markets is firmly established.

Managing transactions

The ability to handle sensitive energy transactions is what we are known for. Riverlake has unparalleled track record in handling transportation under extreme conditions, including in ice-sensitive areas. Similarly, ship to ship operations (STS) operations are no mystery to us. These are sophisticated transactions, requiring intense attention and professionalism. Our operations department staff, some of whom are former captains, former sailors, but all of them with extensive, well-established and long-lasting backgrounds, is made up exclusively of specialists.

Through the years, we have developed a thorough understanding of what major corporations and independent trading companies expect from their brokers. Our aspiration is not only to provide competitive levels of freight, but also to include efficiency, accurate advice, trust, information & intelligence and excellent follow-up by our Operations Department. All this is carried out with strict respect for the environment and compliant at all times.

Brokers & markets

Through our physical presence and our unrivalled knowledge of international markets, we outpace the competition in the market. We have a strong presence from east to west and north to south. We are known to be the pioneers in investing heavily in the African continent. We are the original inventors of the African desk. Our company is the only one in its field to have a dedicated office in one of the most prominent economic centres in Africa, Lagos, Nigeria.

Riverlake tanker brokers focus on crude oil and refined products cargoes. In addition to defined geographic areas, the expertise is axed on the different sizes and types. Different markets require different knowledge and we have organised our team of specialists according to these parameters. By focusing on geographical areas, all of Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East as well as the Western Atlantic, Riverlake is proud to deliver its tanker brokerage broking services to major companies as well as any company of diverse sizes and reputed.