Beyond the standards


Safety and compliance are the drivers of our business.

At Riverlake, we understand the unique needs and challenges of our clients’ businesses, spanning industries from minerals to renewable energy. Together, we prioritize safety and compliance as the foundation of our operations.

While some industries, such as cereals or wind turbines, may have a relatively low risk of accidents, we recognize the potential harm to people and the environment that can come from the transport or storage of oil products. That is why we monitor regulations and ensure adherence to them by charterers, ship owners, storage operators, and builders.

We are also active members of panels of prominent charterers and established groups of trustworthy ship owners and we verify and identify key players in our brokering and project management process.

Compliance for us goes beyond simply being identifiable.

It means working with ship owners, charterers, builders, and engineering firms who are subject to rigorous checks beyond the standard identification process. Solvency, understanding who we are working with, and analysing a company’s corporate environment are key elements in how we operate.

Join us in our commitment to safety and compliance in the maritime industry.