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Tank Storage

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We know about and possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of tank storage. Our primary objective is to assist and empower our clients by offering comprehensive project development services encompassing the entire lifecycle of a tank terminal.

Whether you are at the initial stages of planning the construction of tank storage or further along in the implementation process, we stand by your side, providing support throughout every step of your journey turning your vision into reality.

We take a holistic approach, considering both the technical and commercial aspects of your project, ensuring optimal efficiency and profitability.


Framing the process

Riverlake’s experienced engineers typically frame the process in a project-style format, where the project milestones are precisely mapped out.

Actually, Riverlake supports you as soon as the idea of building a tank terminal, a jetty, an SBM for example starts to emerge.

We have many years of experience in the development of jetties to accommodate tankers that load and discharge liquid bulk and gases in and out of tank terminals.

Various phases necessitate distinct approaches as the objective shifts from one phase to the next. During the initial phase, the focus lies on operational and financial matters to ascertain the project’s feasibility. Once these criteria indicate approval, Riverlake guides and oversees the customer’s project throughout multiple stages of development, always maintaining a firm grasp on the steering wheel.


Project Development Methodology

Riverlake has specifically developed its proprietary Project Development Methodology manual to address the development of liquid bulk storage and the corresponding jetties.

The Project Development Methodology Manual gives a good overview of what is to come.

We are there from the initial phase of the project through a feasibility study. Then the following phases take place; concept definition – financing and permits – tendering – construction – commissioning and finally be in operation.



This is a process that will take several years, a great deal of patience, setbacks, cautious optimism and eventually celebrating when the ribbon can be cut.

At Riverlake, we have experienced all these aspects over and over again. As a result, we are convinced that our customers stand to benefit from this experience when developing a terminal or when acquiring, refurbishing, searching for a new terminal site.

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