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Situated in the heart of Geneva, a global hub for trading, shipping, finance, and housing a significant portion of our shipbroking, intelligence, and finance operations, it is here that Riverlake embarked on its journey. It’s here that we’ve established our global headquarters.

Geneva, a city synonymous with excellence and innovation, provides the perfect backdrop for Riverlake’s continuing success story.





Located in the iconic Rotterdam World Port Center Tower, Riverlake oversees Tanker and Barge Shipbroking operations from this maritime hub. Our comprehensive services extend to a dedicated coastal and deep-sea division, further reinforced by our offices in Switzerland and Africa.

Fun fact: We proudly hold the title of the leading barge shipbroking company in Europe, and all of this is orchestrated from our Rotterdam office.





Embraced by the energy and dynamism of Buccaneer Delft, our Project Management office is in a pulsating centre.

Situated adjacent to Rotterdam and, more notably, in close proximity to the Delft University of Technology where we tap in a world class resource of young minds and innovative technology, this hub stands at the forefront of the Energy & Maritime sector. Within this ecosystem of start-ups and scale-ups, Riverlake’s office is not merely in a workspace but in a strategic hub fostering collaboration and operational efficiency.

It’s also the location of our brand eFuelution which plays a pivotal role in the development of hydrogen, hydrogen carriers like ammonia and LOHC’s and sustainable fuels like methanol and sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)!





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