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TR Intelligence

A track record of producing in-depth feasibility studies.

Our Intelligence unit has a successful track record of producing in-depth feasibility studies for a wide range of countries, for instance Cameroon, Angola, Nigeria, various locations across Asia and more.

We specialize in conducting thorough market research at the country level and focus on our core business of offshore and onshore maritime operations and transportation. Contact us to know more.


Our training courses and seminars have drawn hundreds of attendees.

Over the years, hundreds of people from the maritime industry have attended our seminars and training courses. Aware of the importance of knowledge transfer and training, you will review:

  • Oil Market Trends
  • Bills of lading
  • Demurrage
  • P&I clubs
  • Types of vessels and hulls, ship’s measurements
  • Ship to ship operations, including risks and difficulties
  • Chartering vessels and cargoes
  • How to set up a shipping department
  • Charter agreements – Spot, COA, Time Charter, Bare Boat
  • Legal liabilities and insurance

The courses also cover freight invoices, calculation of freight costs, Worldscale, documentation. Additionally, you will explore maritime regulation including vetting, insurance for oil tankers, IMO and Class, and more.


Riverlake’s expertise in establishing Shipping desks.

Riverlake specializes in guiding clients through the establishment of Shipping Desks, particularly aiding those without pre-existing shipping departments to build one based on globally recognized organizational standards. This involves providing comprehensive support to set up essential processes, systems, and personnel for effective shipping operations aligned with international best practices.


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