Values shape our choices

Our Values

Riverlake is a multicultural hub, embracing diverse languages and nationalities. Compassion and empathy are integral to our culture, ensuring every voice is respected. At Riverlake, it’s about working with, not for, the company.

Riverlake excels in shipbroking and constructing green storage terminals. We prioritize mastering our business, supported by a broad, non-interventionist management style empowering employees to take initiative, and our team’s passion resonates with customers.

Committed to transitioning from conventional to eco-friendly energy, we advocate for sustainable sources like hydro, solar, and wind power. Our leadership in transporting renewables, particularly in European inland shipping, is complemented by our engineers promoting green tank terminals for a substantial environmental impact.

Riverlake pioneers innovation in shipbroking, specializing in barges, transporting renewables, and developing green tank terminals. We embrace digitalization, engaging with AI and fostering collaborations with universities.

Join our close-knit team and bring forward your ideas—innovation inspires Riverlake.


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Our goal is to make our customers’ business more sustainable.


Our choices are influenced by the values we hold