Values shape
our choices

Our Values


We are one team.

When employees are asked about Riverlake, they often highlight our flexibility, openness, understanding, adaptiveness, and commitment to integrity as key attributes of the company.

Our employees are ambassadors of the company, upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency that have always defined our reputation. We are a team that is respectful, trustworthy, and maintains fair and irreproachable behaviour.

Internationally recognised in the shipping and tank terminal industries, as well as in market intelligence, Riverlake has a rich history and a flat management style. We are dedicated to our customers and constantly strive to develop and acquire new skills that support the maritime industry.

Our company culture is cosmopolitan and embraces multiculturalism, with a diverse workforce representing a range of languages and nationalities. Compassion and empathy are integral to our culture, and every employee’s voice is heard and respected.

At Riverlake, we support and believe in each other, and our employees contribute to the effectiveness and growth of the team. We are more than just colleagues, we are a team working towards a common goal.

You don’t just work for Riverlake, you work with Riverlake.



At Riverlake, we are experts in shipbroking and building sustainable and green tank storage terminals onshore and offshore.

We understand the importance of mastering our business and take a meticulous approach to managing the risks involved. Our management style is broad and supportive, allowing employees the freedom to develop their business and take initiative.

We are dedicated to supporting the career and professional development of our employees and actively encourage growth and taking on more responsibility. The passion and ambition of our team is reflected in our commitment to our customers and to the future success of our company.

Together, we are united in our goals and work as one team.



At Riverlake, we have a strong connection to the sea.

We are dedicated to making a successful transition from traditional hydrocarbon-based energy to more environmentally friendly forms of transport and storage. We are actively working towards using more sustainable sources of energy such as hydro, solar and wind power through our sustainable product business lines and green tank terminals.

As a leading European inland transportation company and the number one company in renewable inland shipping, we are heavily involved in the transportation of renewable, organic, and bio-based products such as used cooking oil, other waste products, vegetable oils and waste. At sea, over the years, our volume of renewable cargo transportation has become very substantial.

Our engineers and project managers are working towards promoting a business line focused on green tank terminals, and we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our terminals.

We hope to work with you to achieve our goal of a Green Tank Terminal.



Shaping the future is at the core of Riverlake’s mission. As pioneers in our field, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and rethinking the way we work.

From being the first company to specialize in barges, to focusing on transporting renewable products like used cooking oil and biodiesel, establishing an Africa desk, carrying out high-ice transport, and developing green terminals, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and drive progress.

We are investing in digital transformation, not to replace our people, but to empower them. Our team is close-knit and dedicated to creating forward-looking projects.

We have established strong partnerships with the academic community and are actively engaged in R&D collaborations with leading universities.

At Riverlake, we welcome new ideas and thrive on innovation.

Bring forward your ideas and be a part of shaping the future with us.