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Shipowners are required to have their ships dismantled at the end of their operational life in approved yards and are legally bound to scrap them according to strict health and environmental standards.

Riverlake has numerous references in this field and has on many occasions made it possible for owners to recycle end-of-life ships to be carried out in accordance with the rules. For too long, high safety standards have been ignored but today nations, grouped under the umbrella of IMO (International Maritime Organisation), are taking charge of this problem. The time when ships were scrapped without any regulations and with total disregard for the environment has ended. The maritime industry regulations today do not allow to carry on business in any sort of unregulated fashion.

We solely work with the world’s leading recycling companies and make sure that at minima they meet the international standards. If there is an empirical dimension to our transactions, these are essentially centred on concrete and written commitments that these standards are the minimum to respect and that wherever and whenever possible we should go beyond them.

We use internationally recognised and referenced contracts. We help ship owners, wherever they are in the world, to become aware of the importance of working towards efficient, responsible recycling, respectful of the people who work there and responsible for the nature and wildlife. We are a cornerstone in efficiency and are aware that we cannot focus on the financial aspect alone.

The impact of our operations must be the focus of all our actions.

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