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Beyond the Desk: Discovering our sport fans at Riverlake! 🎿


Whether it’s assessing financial risks or evaluating leisure activities, Riverlake Finance manager Tanya Egger embarked on a significant physical challenge by participating in the La Patrouille des Glaciers, a major military sporting event open to both elite and civilian competitors amidst the Swiss mountains.

Risk assessment in such endeavors is crucial, as the mountains can transform from idyllic to treacherous with quick change in weather. Similar to navigating a ship as a captain, careful planning and consideration are necessary.

The journey towards this physical challenge involved six months of rigorous training, accumulating meters climbed each day, improving dietary and sleeping habits, recognizing their significant impact on performance. The objective was not only to participate but to learn, enhance skills, test limits, and refine strategies.

Other exciting updates on the rad squad of Riverlake’s sports champs will come !