Cargo Day is back!


Since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, Riverlake’s teams have been working hard to get our clients to join us in this charitable project, and they are deeply committed to supporting this initiative and internal discussions to do more are heating up. We hope that more customers will join us. That’s why every year we launch internal and corporate social media campaigns to promote the initiative.

On November 9, 2022, the shipping and trading community will join together once again to raise vital funds for Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world’s largest civilian hospital ship serving in the poorest countries in the world.

The incredible work and life changing surgeries that are performed on the vessels have an impeccable impact and truly improve people’s lives. Participating in this journey has resulted in a raise around $5 million since its launch in 2016.

Last year, 28 Charterers, 22 Shipowners, 24 Shipbrokers, 10 Port Agents, consulting and other shipping companies participated. In total, 76 cargoes were donated as well as 6 address commissions and 41 pledges. We are proud to share that more than $800’000 was raised – so, thank you for all your support!

Getting involved in Mercy Ships’ Cargo Day would show one’s best effort for a better world, promoting social responsibility by strongly assist and support lifesaving actions in medical care for the ones without access.

We hope that the global shipping and trading community will work together again to raise support for Mercy Ships.

Save the date – and join us again for the 2022 Mercy Ships Cargo Day on November 9th!

Mercy Ships CargoDay is a fundraising online event created by the shipping community. Go to the website.