Mercy Ships’ Inaugural Cargo Day in Rotterdam Draws Strong Industry Support


On April 20th of last week, Rotterdam hosted the inaugural Mercy Ship Cargo Day event in the Netherlands.

Industry leaders gathered for Mercy Ships’ first-ever Cargo Day which has been a great success, with shipowners, charterers and shipbrokers coming together to demonstrate the power of collaboration and impact. 

The Mercy Ship Cargo Day group gathered to show their support and take advantage of the vast network available to them, with committees in Geneva, Houston, Singapore, London, and now Rotterdam.  

Attendees were thanked for their participation and encouraged to help expand the number of participants and grow the network even further, the success of the first event has prompted organizers to schedule another in October, with advance notice provided.

We’re just getting started – we need more industry players to join us in making a difference. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something truly special.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming Cargo Day events and get involved today.