Riverlake acquires Precise


Riverlake is thrilled to confirm the successful complete acquisition of Precise, formerly known as Precise Intelligence.

The takeover of Precise has been an intensive endeavour. We have dedicated countless hours to meticulously evaluate and strategize the future of the company prior talking it over. Our teams have worked tirelessly on this project, going above and beyond to ensure its success. We express our gratitude to everyone involved, from our dedicated team members to the previous owners and stakeholders.

We are to say that we are also immensely grateful for the tremendous support received throughout this journey from Innosuisse, their mentors and the Swiss academic community, notably Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and HEG – Genève. EPFL and HEG are world leading Swiss universities. Innossuise experts are the driving force in the Swiss funding and networking scenes and accelerate the transfer of knowledge from research to industry. In no other major start-up ecosystem are there more sustainable start-ups per capita than in Switzerland. Together with Precise staff and them, we are where we are now, ready to go.

We took our time. Now it’s time to reveal how Precise will support the commodity, maritime, and shipping industries, along with related services. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll share more details about what our teams have achieved in recent years and months, as well as our plans. Together, we’ll strengthen Precise’s foundation and build its reputation as an industry leader.

We have deliberately chosen a website domain which emphasizes the Swiss values of quality, ethics, and absolute transparency in everything Precise does;

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