Judit Tóth is the new Riverlake Barging manager


Riverlake appoints Judit Tóth as the Manager in charge of its Barging Division in Rotterdam

Effective August 2, 2021, Riverlake has appointed Judit Tóthas Manager, heading its Barging Division. She succeeds to Francois Can, who will focus on his responsibilities within the group.

Since joining Riverlake, Judit has shown boundless dedication and commitment. This appointment is an acknowledgement of the experience Judit has gained during her years in leadership positions, notably at ExxonMobil.

With a highly experienced and professional team of brokers who have positioned the company in the past years as the leader in river transportation with a vigorous drive to develop greener transport, which now accounts for more than 60% of our barging activity, a network of highly diverse clients including all major names in the industry and a strong commitment to the company’s future, Judit combines energy and dynamism.

We assure her and her team of our utmost support and means to reach new heights.