“Rotterdam Cargo Day Committee” for Mercy Ships


On 22 November, the first meeting of the young Mercyships Cargo Day committee was held, which Riverlake created with (from left to right) Claudia Beumer of Verenigde Tankredereij, followed by Corinne Kemp of Mercy Ships, Lykke Saulnier Kristiansen of Braskem, and Henk Mooij of Vertom Tanker Chartering. Judith Toth of Riverlake is not on the picture.

This isn’t just a meeting; it’s a convergence of visionaries who refuse to accept the status quo. From the maritime realm to humanitarian aid, these four exceptional individuals are gearing up to steer us into a brighter future. Together, they’re more than a committee; they’re a force for change.



Following on from the very first committee set up in Geneva, then Houston, Singapore and London, we are together developing a strong Dutch committee based in Rotterdam to help Mercy ships.

Mercy ships is an NGO that uses hospital ships to provide essential medical support, changing the lives of those who could not otherwise afford it.

Over the past 30 years, Mercy Ships has conducted 41 field services in 14 African countries with the 16,572-ton Africa Mercy (with five operating theatres and 80 patient beds). This mission is now complemented by the 37,000 ton Global Mercy (with 6 operating theatres and 199 patient beds).

The Young Mercyships Cargo Day Committee has set sail, and the voyage is bound to be extraordinary.

Do you want to be part of Cargo Day and have a big impact? Go to the website!