A strong support by Innosuisse

Innosuisse support

Riverlake has obtained a significant financial support from Innosuisse, the Federal Swiss Innovation Agency, now made available to assist Precise.

With a strong profile and top university mentorship from EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and outstanding support from HEG (Haute Ecole de Gestion Genève), it enables a swift growth through collaborations with premier universities globally.

InnoSuisse experts are the driving force in the Swiss funding and networking scenes. They are greatly instrumental to Precise developments.

In no other major start-up ecosystem are there more sustainable start-ups per capita than in Switzerland. This graph from the end of 2022 shows that small countries are in the lead.

Innosuisse is the Federal Swiss Innovation Agency under public law which accelerates the transfer of knowledge from research to industry. As the Swiss Innovation Agency, it strengthens the competitiveness of Swiss companies. It provides support in accordance with the subsidiarity principle: it only supports projects if the innovation could not be implemented and market potential would not be tapped into without funding.