So what do we do?

Our challenge, and that of our customers, is to change the maritime industry so to shift towards a carbon neutral business.  

Since the industrial revolution, our economy has been based on fossil fuels. So what does Riverlake do?


We invest

Riverlake invest to support the growth of biofuels. We work with our clients in carrying oil cargoes including renewables, organic and bio products, such as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils), UCO (Used Cooking Oils), Vegetable Oils, Tallow, other Wastes and Fame or FOSFA (Federation of oil, Seeds & Fats Association Ltd) cargoes.

This currently accounts for about 70% of our activity in the field of inland transport and over the years it has become a significant share of our tanker business as well. 


We build green terminals

Riverlake develops environmentally friendly tank storage facilities and jetties. We are closely involved with our customers in the development of storage facilities for renewable products and hydrogen carriers like e-ammonia and e-methanol, particularly in Europe but not only.

The ecological footprint of a terminal must be kept to a minimum. Adhering to the Paris Agreements and striving after the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) becoming carbon neutral is one thing. However, there are many more areas in which sustainability can be implemented. Not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but also by minimising air, water and soil pollution.

This ranges from the introduction of solar-powered construction equipment to the reduction of daily fuel vapour emissions from the facility.

Riverlake and its customers make their own improvement to the Earth’s natural environment. To develop a green tank terminal is proof of the commitment. It convinces and motivates our clients’ stakeholders.

You are really interested in renewable energies and you want to participate in our path towards an energy transition? 

Then get in touch with us now.