Successful first ‘Hydrogen for Realists’ Seminar organized by eFuelution at Buccaneer!


eFuelution expresses its gratitude to all attendees for their participation in our recent seminar “Regional Production and Applications of Hydrogen” which took place in Buccaneer Delft.

The lively involvement and thoughtful questions from everyone added to the friendly atmosphere of sharing and learning together.

Our speakers David Breedijk, Feiko Jager, Sven Assmuth, Jan Willem Langeraar, Robert-Jan Berg and Joost Wendling shared their invaluable insights and expertise on Hydrogen Production, Transport & Distribution and Fuel Cell Applications.

It is through your engagement and support that we continue to drive positive change and innovation in the energy sector.

Our green activities are under the branding of eFuelution, specialized in sustainable fuels and hydrogen solutions!