We create visibility and transparency in the inland barging market


Our mission is to create visibility and transparency in the inland Barging market. We provide unbiased and independent market information to drive smart business decisions.

As the No1 barging company, we keep on expanding our Inland Waterway transport activity for wet and dry commodities, a highly cost-effective option to trucking and rail transport, offering a friendly ecological alternative both in terms of energy consumption and noise emissions. It contributes to relieving congestion on overloaded road infrastructures in densely populated areas.

Not only do we work with the world’s largest companies in this field, but we also collaborate with smaller companies and operators. With our clients we arrange for the transport of renewable, organic and bio products, such as used cooking oil, other wastes, vegetable oils and fame.

We also handle mineral oils, chemicals products, and we have a substantial activity in dry. Be it refined metals and concrete packaged in diverse formats, including blocks, cathodes, and ingots. Additionally, bulk food, dry feedstock, and powdered substances can be transported fully hatched.