Engineers from the best universities

From left to right, Chris Kruger, project manager, whose one recent achievement among others is the engineering of the Rubis terminal extension in Rotterdam. Then Mary de Haard, chief accountant of the Rotterdam branch, with her expertise so valuable to all of us, next to her Feiko Jager, a partner of Riverlake, THE specialist in tank terminals construction, especially now with terminals for renewable energy. Then Emilie Janson MSc, MBA, big boss of Riverlake Middle East, THE project manager of the state of the “heart” (art) new Duqm terminal in Oman. Then, Marc Poyet, Riverlake’s CFO, heading brilliantly all our finance. (A picture shot by Marc Lecoanet during autumn in Zwolle, Netherlands).

All partners and staff are highly qualified and have honed their skills over many years in the industry. As partners and all staff, we have brought together complementary masters. Our extensive experience in petroleum engineering, commercial science, mechanical engineering, shipping and marine technology provides a solid knowledge base. After university, we all went into commercial enterprises. 
We gained experience on dredgers in Nigeria and Indonesia, on oil terminals in the Netherlands and Sweden, on tugs in too many countries to mention, lifting cargoes around the world, when it was minus 25 degrees or plus 45 degrees sometimes, very much involved in the energy transition with more and more emphasis on renewable energy. This experience has given us an insight into how we work, pragmatically and practically. We feel at home in ports and on ships. We like travelling across the world. This was, and still is, the basis on which Riverlake was founded in 1985. Knowledge, skills and experience brought us together to serve the industry, where the shore meets the ocean.We can help you in your tank terminal project and more!